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Bottles, bottles and more bottles, when searching for baby bottles online I can find over a dozen different top named brands. The main difference in choosing the right bottle for your baby is if you prefer glass to plastic, drop-in bags or not, and clearly what bottle your baby will latch on to. Both of my kids latched on to the bottles I offered them, so I did not have to spend to much time trying multiple brands out on them. Bottle price points and accessories seem to be similar, Just slight differences in design, shapes, sizes and ease of parent use.

I have found the MAM bottles to be a step above the rest.

MAM Bottle Parts

After years of bottle usage, I have found the MAM bottles to be a step above the rest. MAM bottles have 5 parts total and are really easy to put together. The wide openings of the MAM bottle makes for easy cleaning, and the base is removable so all the milk remains stuck on the bottom of the bottle can be cleaned out 100%.

MAM bottles can be sterilized in the microwave in just 3 minutes

MAM Self sterilizing bottles can be sterilized in 3 easy steps, in the microwave, in just 3 minutes! So, save your money on those fancy sterilizing machines, and save your time boiling up pots and pots of water. Plus this sterilizing feature makes the MAM bottles perfect for travel.

The most popular first MAM bottles are the 5oz and 8oz sizes

MAM self sterilizing bottlesMAM bottles come in multiple sizes, the most popular are the 5oz and 8oz. However, once your baby is consuming more milk each meal you can size up to the 9oz and 11oz bottles. The best thing about MAM bottles is they grow with you kid, once your kid is ready to use a training cup the bottles can be easily converted.

Besides bottles MAM makes pacifiers, teethers and oral care products

All of the MAM products are high quality and up to date on all of the safety standards. Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1976, MAM offers real solutions for real parenting with an award-winning range of smart and simple products. A global leader in the baby care category, MAM’s mission is to combine the best in technological innovation, medically sound function and contemporary design to provide innovative baby care products essential for a child’s early years. MAM is sold in over 30 countries and five continents. For more information about MAM products, please visit www.mambaby.com.

MAM Baby bottle

I was provided with samples for review purposes, but all opinions expressed here are my own.