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H was seven months old when he received his first haircut. He was born with a full head of hair and it was shaggy and unruly right from the start. We would have had his hair trimmed sooner, but we were waiting for him to be able to sit upright unassisted, before allowing a stranger to put scissors near our dear sons face. I was probably the only mom at the kids hair cutting place not crying because I knew H’s hair would look so much better after it was cleaned up.

Here are two photos taken at Madison Square Park the day before the big first haircut.

Music in the park unruly hair sucking thumb in park shaggy hair

We picked Doodle Doo’s in West Village for his first haircut. They have cute chairs for the kids to sit in (Taxi, boat, horse), video screens to distract, patient haircutters and they give you a sweet certificate and a lock of hair when you check-out.

Here is H before, He was so excited about the whole experience of the kid hair salon.

Baby first haircut before Halfway through his first haircut H has a nice baby combover.

Baby first haircut duringThe final result, all cleaned up chilling in the taxi cab haircut seat.

Babies first haircut after

How old was you kid when they got their first haircut?