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It is playground season in NYC, and one of the most popular things for my kids to do at the park, is play on the slides. However, so many parents are not aware of the dangers of playground slides. National statistics are not documented, but the number of broken legs as a result of young children going down slides on their parents or caregivers laps, is high.

The dangers of playground slides

The worst part is the guilt that the adult feels, knowing these type of injuries could have been prevented.

With the case of slides a child is actually safer by themselves. When a child is sliding down on his own and their foot gets caught, they can just stop moving or twist their foot until it comes free before continuing down the slide. But when a child is on their parents lap, and their foot gets caught on the side of the slide, the downward force of the adults weight can cause the child’s leg to be broken.

A tip for safe slide time, young kids can be placed on the slide at the halfway point while you are standing next to the slide

The scary part is the fracture may not be obvious right away, so if your child is complaining of pain and having a hard time putting weight on their leg, it might be broken. Treatment is a cast from the foot to above the knee for 4–6 weeks, not a great way to spend your summer.

Stay safe friends!