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I think winter is finally done in the north east, but April is a mix of beautiful days, and rainy days. After being cooped up all winter because of the snow, I am making a huge effort to get the kids out of the house everyday rain or shine. On those rainy days a great family indoor activity is going to Hiho Batik in Brooklyn, and allowing your little ones to create a super cool one-of-a-kind item. Hiho Batik is located at 184 5th Avenue, Brooklyn.

Hiho Batik Brooklyn

Batik is a cloth dyeing technique that uses a color resisting hot wax to draw designs on fabric, then the creator dyes the cloth multiple colors, and the wax is then removed leaving the negative from the original wax design. Hiho Batik has modernized this traditional Indonesian technique, and has turned the DIY, crafty type art projects into trendy wearable art and accessories. Plus Mothers Day is coming up and having something handmade by my kids is the best gift ever. But, something handmade that I would actually wear is even better!

Hiho Batick handmade

We spent an hour or so at Hiho Batik, drawing, waxing and painting. H did most of the work, I just had to do the hot wax for him (because he is 3). The final product takes a few days to complete, and they happily mailed it out to us when they were complete. It was a perfect afternoon outing for a rainy New York day.

Our finished shirts and I absolutely love them, and yes H did a majority of the work!

Hiho Batik coustom

Lollipop and Rocket Ship make-your-own

However, if you are not in New York you can mail in your artwork and Hiho Batik can recreate it onto a t-shirt, tote or pillow. You can also shop Hiho Batiks on-line shop for some fun non mass-produced items for all ages and I am loving the sweet new CANDY spring/summer 2014 collection. Ring Pops anyone?

Hiho Batik Candy collection

NEW Hiho Batik CANDY collection

To stay up-to-date with new designs and sales follow Hiho Batik on their social media sites.
Twitter: @hihobatik
Facebook: Hiho Batik
Instagram: hihobatik
Website: http://www.hihobatik.com

I was not compensated for this post, just provided with tees a one-of-a-kid special local activity with the kids.