With a baby and toddler we are always on the floor for playtime, tummy-time, cuddle-time, anytime! Our apartment is a mixture of carpeted rooms and hardwood floors, so I like to have a clean, safe play space in each room that the kids know is their own. Now that lilStrange is cruising having a soft play space for her when she falls is vital. I discovered the brand Baby Mushroom a few months ago at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower and I have been a fan of their play mat ever since.

Baby Play Mat_BabyMushroom

The snug square play mat from Baby Mushroom is similar to a shiatsu mattress or roll up futon mattress. Mompreneur Liat Shamash created the Baby Mushroom Sung Square After trying everything from colorful kid tiles, to activity pads, to blankets when creating a play space that was safe, sizeable, and comfortable, on hardwood and tile floors for her three children. One of her favorite features of the Baby Mushroom is how easy it is to stash away and transform their temporary “play room” back into a living room. I always keep our baby play mat unrolled, but it is light, portable and rolls up for easy storage (if needed).

The first time I rolled the Baby Mushroom out for the kids, they immediately snuggled into the soft (machine washable) cover, and kept squishing their hands into the plush padding. You will always find the kids and myself on the mat whenever we are in the playroom, because it is honestly the most comfortable spot in the room. 

Play Mat Baby Mushroom

I also love the neutral colors of the Baby Mushroom, We have the expresso cream color and It fits perfectly with the playroom decor. But if color does not scare you, the snug square also comes in blue slate and pink slate. The Baby Mushroom would be a great baby shower gift that lasts beyond the baby stage, plus we use it everyday. For more information and purchasing details click here.

I was not compensated for this post just provided with a Baby Mushroom Snug Square for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own.