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Traveling with little ones is like a balancing act, bags, strollers, snacks, activities, diapers and still getting to your destination on time. We did not allow having a baby discourage us from traveling, but we did have to be more creative and flexible with our travel during their early months. I also exclusively nursed my babies the first year of their lives, so that was an additional challenge when outside of my comfort nursing zones. Yes, not all breastfeeding moms are comfortable nursing outside of the home, me included. But, when traveling it is easier, faster and cheeper than having to deal with formula and bottles.


Bravado Designs conducted a survey of more than 1,000 new and expectant moms in the United States and they found that only 38% of moms are extremely comfortable traveling with a baby under one year while breastfeeding. Also only 17% of women are extremely comfortable breastfeeding in public. I was not extremely comfortable traveling with the baby when breastfeeding but I did it, because my baby needed to eat and I needed to travel, my little victory. Here are a few tips that made nursing on the go easier for for this uncomfortable new mom.

  1. Baby carrier– The best baby carriers for nursing, are ones that you can easily transition the baby in and out of without having to stand up or remove the carrier. The carriers that don’t have material or mesh between you and the baby are key. I have four different baby carriers and I have found that the BECO carrier works great for nursing on the go.
  2. Lightweight Swaddle Blanket– I prefer to cover my baby when nursing, and thankfully they did not mind being covered. So, a good lightweight swaddle blanket like these muslin ones from Swaddle Designs are perfect and stylish. Not adding to much warmth but enough privacy for my comfort level.
  3. Nursing Bra– A nursing bra that has easy open and close clips that you can do with one hand is essential. I have a few different nursing bra brands and styles, and I found that the Bravado Designs Essential Embrace nursing bra to be the easiest to use when holding a baby and only having one hand free.
  4. Nursing Pads– Leaks are going to happen, especially when traveling and you are not on your normal breastfeeding schedule. I have tried the reusable nursing pads but sometimes I would leak through those! So, when traveling I always use the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads (also know as the ones in the purple box).

This post was inspired by Bravado’s Little Victories campaign. The campaign is inspired by breastfeeding moms, and the real moments they share, recognizing that being pregnant, having a baby, and breastfeeding are life-changing times that can be rewarding yet challenging. Bravado’s #LittleVictories campaign underscores its ongoing commitment to all mothers, recognizing that comfort and confidence lead to success. Share your #LittleVictories at www.bravadodesigns.com/littlevictories and you could win one of the weekly prizes or the grand prize Babymoon trip to NYC!

Do you have any additional nursing on the go tips to add? Or you own little victory to share?