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I try to sit down with H once a week to work on art. Art is great for his developmental growth, fine motor skills, decision making process and creativity. His style is very abstract, but he can always tell you exactly what he is creating. I feel it is so important for him to learn how to create and appreciate what he has made.

Bibbitec bib

Tips for doing art with a toddler

  1. Buy good paints (hide the brown and black)
  2. Use clean nice brushes
  3. High quality art paper
  4. Paint pallet to separate colors
  5. Plastic to protect the table and floor
  6. Bib or smock like these from Bibbitec to keep your kid clean.
  7. Let one layer of color dry before adding another layer of color.
  8. Have more than one project going at a time to trade between when waiting for paint to dry.
  9. Write the date and child’s age on the back of the project for future reference.

H just completed these two pieces of art today and I love them, can’t wait to hang them up on the wall. He calls them both Dripping Race, the blue one is “The Sea” and the green one is “Grass”. I love the workings of a toddlers mind.

The Sea Art By H

Green Grass Art By H