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My husband travels for work, he is usually gone one week ever month, sometimes more, rarely less. Now that we are a family of four, and my mom is retired, we fly her to NYC to help out. The kids love playing with her and I love having her around. This past year my mom was in New York 13 weeks, which means my husband was also away 13 times. H misses his dad when he is gone and gets very clingy to him when he is home. lilStrange is still young, but has huge smiles when she hears her dads voice on the phone or in real life. Plus we live in the age of technology and FaceTime is an amazing thing.

My Strange Family Dad

Our playroom has a world map wall decal and H can point out what country his dad is in and where he might be going to next. H’s world county vocabulary continues to grow and he always ask, “What does it look like there?” or “How long is the flight?”. His love for travel and airplanes is just like his dads.

World Map wall sticker

However, H’s 2nd favorite part of his dads return is seeing what cool international gift his dad will bring him.  It is crazy how we can track the destinations of a year in my husbands work travel through these gifts.

Toys from around the worldThe musical instruments are beautifully crafted, the books are cute and introduce H to local animals from the countries and the Disney Pop’n Step, little taps dancing characters are a fun family collecting item. These gifts don’t make up for my husbands absence, but having my mom around and these fun travel mementos makes the journey fun.

Does someone in your family travel a lot? Do you have techniques on making the travel easier on your kids?