Do you ever wonder what vacation is like with a 7 month old?
Eat >> Roar >> Chill >> Nap
Family Travel with an infantWell it is a bit more difficult than that, but much easier than you think. Vacation days with an infant are very similar to days at home, but you are in a much more desirable location with less “tools” (baby gear) to work with.

We pack enough things to keep the baby entertained, but only as much as can realistically be packed. Diapers and food are the number one space consumer when traveling to the destination, but you should barley have any leftover for your journey home. I try to pack five days worth of clothes if we are gone for one week, two weeks or a month, things can be washed and worn again and again. A travel chair can be handy because you know you will have a safe place to contain your infant but a carseat could work just fine. We don’t bring a stroller for the baby, just a carrier, but once she is bigger and walking a lightweight umbrella stroller is necessary (at least for airport use and transfers). I also pack one baby food pack and one special snack for each day of our vacation, kids sometimes like these familiar comfort foods and you know they will at least eat these if they decide to go on a hunger strike. Oh and don’t forget their special lovie (this has happened way to many times, but we all survived).

The traveling part is the hardest part of any vacation but once you are at your destination it is totally worth it. The more mobile they get the harder it is, so I say pack in the vacations before they can walk. Plus you can’t get this view at home (unless you live in Jamaica).

Bluefields Bay Jamaica

Also check out my post Travel must haves for families. Do you have any additional tips for traveling with an infant? Do you wish you traveled more when your kids were little?