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Once the temperatures drops below warm, I start to dream about summertime and wearing warm weather clothes. I love how New York City has all four seasons, but winter is my absolute least favorite of the seasons. A few days of snow is ok, but this year it is only mid January and I am completely over this cold weather. How many days until summer? So, I am extremely thankful that we will be leaving town very soon to spend some time on a beach, on an island, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Yeah for warm weather!

Carlisle Bay Antigua

However, when trying to pack for our upcoming vacation I realized all of lilStrange’s warm weather summer clothes are way too small. She is only 7 months old but wearing a size 12 months in clothes! And being it is the dead of winter in New York City right now, it is nearly impossible to find any cute dresses for baby girls.

So, I was totally excited when TwirlyGirl® reached out to My Strange Family and asked if I wanted to try out one of their cute reversible baby girl dresses seen here on lilStrange. The timing could not have been better, the delivery was fast and the adorable lolly style packaging made me smile before I even saw the physical dress for baby girl. Oh and the dress(es) inside the lolly are fantastic. This style is called Fairy Magical Wishes.

Reversible Twirly BABY DressBuying clothes for girls is always so much fun, but can be very expensive (especially with how fast they grow), so having one dress that is reversible and fashions two very different styles is a hit in my books. Plus the TwirlyGirl® baby girl dresses are made of stretchy polyester and spandex, so I know they will last her a long time even as she grows. Also when traveling I can pack one less outfit for her and know she will still have great multiple styles.

One side of the dress has a super sparkly purple/pink skirt that is really soft, with a sweet floral pattern on top. The material makes the dress easy to put on and take off.

Twirly Girl Baby DressOn the reverse side is a blue retro flower design and a pretty gradated blue skirt. The blue makes lilStrange’s eyes pop. The bloomers have a contrasting print in the front and back so they coordinate with both sides.

Twirly Baby dress Fairy Magical Wishes

The TwirlyGirl® dresses are also wearable art clothing because only 40 pieces per style are created, so you know your daughter will not be wearing the exact same things as all the other little girls out there.

I know she will be nice, cool and fashionable on our upcoming tropical vacation. If you would like to check out the entire TwirlyGirl® collection you can visit their website here www.TwirlyGirlShop.com and they don’t just sell baby girl dresses. TwirlyGirl® goes from sizes 12 months to 14 years and sell dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms and accessories.

My Strange Family was provided a dress for review purposes but as always all opinions expressed here are my own.