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Having a new baby has not slowed us down from traveling. We have stayed in numerous hotels since lilStrange was born, some hotels we flew to, others we drove to. Each time we arrived at a new hotel I would try to find a clean safe place to put the baby (not an easy task). When we were in the Hamptons we rented a Cradle Swing from Hamptons Baby Gear (great service if you are out there) but it was $35 for the weekly rental cost. When we were in the Berkshires the baby was just stuck in her carseat on the hotel room floor a majority of the time. I don’t even remember what we did with her when we were in Kentucky but I know she was not in a comfortable seat. Now that she is bigger and more curious staying in her carseat or just being placed on the bed are not good options anymore.

Travel baby chair Tiny Love

Then I was introduced to Tiny Love’s new Take Along Bouncer and I knew this chair would be perfect for our traveling baby. The Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer provides lilStrange with a comfortable, clean seat and it folds easily, freeing up our hands when we are away from home. It is usable within seconds from coming out of the box (no assembly required) I had to double check the instructions because it was so easy. Plus see how happy baby girl is in it, when we were at a hotel near Sesame Place.

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer

The Take Along Bouncer’s innovative light-weight design makes it easy to fold and pack into our suitcase, and not making the bag too heavy (the chair just traveled to California and back with us). It is also ideal for at home because we have a beautiful Nuna Leaf that stays put in our living room, but when we are in the bathroom, playroom, dining room, kitchen, and I need a safe place to put lilStrange I use the Take-Along Bouncer because it is so portable. Also if your living space is small this baby chair would be ideal for everyday use and just be folded away when it is not in use.

The Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer is available at retail for $39.99-44.99

My Strange Family was provided with a Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer for review purposes but as always all opinions expressed here are my own.