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lilStrange grabs at everything, then immediately proceeds to put whatever she finds into her mouth. You can hear her breathing increase because she is so excited that she got her hands on something, then you can hear her breathing slow down because the item is lodged completely into her mouth. Because of this I have a huge fear of putting anything into her crib while she sleeps (even a lovey). However, having something in her hands calms her down and helps her to fall asleep faster. Such a dilemma, sleeping baby or choking baby or crying baby.

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So, when I attended the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower a few weeks ago I was introduced to Bitta Blankie, a new baby sleep garment and security blanket all in one. The second I saw Bitta Blankie I knew lillStrange needed one, and knew it could be the solution that she need to help self-sooth.

Bitta Blankie

I learned so much from Jamie & Jeff (aka Bitta Mom & Bitta Dad) about the new Bitta Blankie and how it offers security in the crib environment, while staying within current safe sleep guidelines and is a lifesaver for parents who want to help their babies (and themselves) sleep through the night. Plus the Bitta Blankie cannot be lost or tossed from the crib, and is always in baby’s reach to be grasped as they go in and out of sleep cycles. It is recommend to use the Bitta Blankie as the “blanket” layer over traditional pajamas.

So at 5 month old lilStrange became a “Bitta Kidda” and one month in she is sleeping significantly better and crying way less when she is placed down for bed. A perfect sleep solution for all!

For more information on Bitta Blankie, visit http://www.bittablankie.com