The American Museum of National History’s newest exhibit is The Power of Poison, from November 16th 2013, to August 10th 2014.

Golden Poison Frog

All ages are welcomed, however families with children seven and up will gain most from the exhibit, and find many interesting, educational displays. You first enter a simulated jungle walk displaying models of poisonous animals, and a live golden poison frog, that has the most potent vemon on earth.

As you proceed through the exhibit, cultural references to poisons in myth and legend abound: Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Snow White, Macbeth, and many more. These are displayed in a variety of different manners to grab the attention of children as well as adults.

Alice in Wonderland Snow White

In the toxicology lab, doctors and investigators lead programs in forensic science based on true cases. The presentations can be geared to the age and interest level of the audience. People, especially children, in the audience are asked to participate.

AMNH Poisons theater

Next came the opportunity to solve a possible poisoning case on your own. Large scenes displayed the question to be investigated with computer stations. (There is a free iPad app called The Power of Poison allowing you to try this at home.)

This exhibit is a wonderful way to excite children about science and how science is a part of many aspects of our lives. Leave at lest 30 min to an hour to make your way through The Power of Poison during your next visit to the American Museum of Natural History.

For more information about the exhibit go to http://www.amnh.org