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We are not really the most ridiculously photogenic family but we did spend the day in Central Park. I wanted to see the foliage, take H on the carousel and check out a new playground. The carousel was cute, H still insists on sitting on the chariot style non-moving seats, but he loves it just the same. On our way to Heckscher Playground (The oldest playground in Central Park, and the largest) we climbed all over Umpire Rock, it likely gets its name for being near the baseball fields. It is so cool that Central Park has tons of these exposed ancient bedrocks dating back hundreds of millions of years. Then H spent over an hour running around a large, maze-like climber at Heckscher Playground. The weather was perfect, the trees were colorful, it was a great day to be in Central Park.

Umpire Rock Central ParkRidiculously photogenic babyCentral Park in NovemberI have two more ridiculously photogenic family photos posted on Instagram if you need to see more.