Now that H is in preschool a few hours a week I am finally allowing myself to let go a little bit on his learning process. But, I am still 110% involved in what he is learning and try to continue what the school is introducing to him, at home. His school is great, they send out a newsletter on Sunday detailing what they will be learning at school the following week. Last week at preschool H learned all about apples.

His days began with exploratory play including apple puzzles, red playdough and playing kitchen with food. His primary art project, was to create an apple tree using different materials for the trunk (construction paper), the leaves (green dot paints) and the apples (red pom poms). He was introduced to a new process-oriented art form, tearing, shredding and collaging paper to challenge his dexterity, sequencing and fine motor skills.

My Strange Apple Tree

H’s secondary art project was to expose him to a variety of textures he created a textured apple on cardstock using red pastels, crayons, markers, dot paints, ribbon, tissue paper, fabric, glue and sandpaper.

Sensory Apple

During music and movement, he explored tempo by playing with rhythm sticks during the songs: 10 Little Apples. The active listening song was, If I Were a Bird followed by Please Don’t Stop the Music where he traveled across the floor with scarves and props in different manners: fast/slow, high/low. The music and movement time is to promote listening skills, imaginative play and an appreciation for language and rhyme.

The story during snack time this week was – The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For snack he mixed up a delicious apple dip of yogurt, cinnamon and honey. He also had an opportunity to enjoy adult themes such as cleaning, washing up after snack and throwing their cups and napkins away.

Hungry Caterpillar
He also participated in gym class and sing and stretch time, continuing the weeks apple theme. These activities allow a freedom of physical expression. He is gaining greater independence every week!

What did your kid learn in school this week?