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3 Months, 13 Weeks, 91 Days, not like I am counting or anything but we have survived the fourth trimester with lilStrange. She weighs in at 16 pounds and is 25 inches long. Our sweet baby girl can light up the room with her smile and will give you drooly baby kisses all day long.

3Months 13Weeks 91Days

Onesie created by Pam Huber Designs

Third Month Milestones:
Motor Skills– You can hold your head up, hand eye coordination is improving, always have your hand in your mouth, almost found your thumb, started taking developmental movement dance class with Dionne Kamara.
Sleep– We are still working on sleep. You can go for longer stretches of times but still waking up twice in the night to eat, so you are still sleeping in your bassinet in our room until you can make it longer through the night.
The Senses– You always turn your head and smile at the sound of our voices, love staring and playing with your Whoozit toy and you love laughing at the silly faces we make at you.
Communication– Tons of babbling, cooing, social smiles and your crying has lessened. However, you still know how to scream to let us know when you want something.
Travel– You traveled to Seattle to see your babcia, aunties, uncles and cousins. We also took a road trip up to the Berkshires for a nice weekend away. You prefer to ride in a baby carrier, hate the carseat and can tolerate the stroller.

I love watching you grow and change each and every day.
Now it is time for me to go and get some sleep, because I am still so tired all of the time.