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It’s never too early to get your kids prepared and excited for there reading days. We are always reading books to H, he can recognize all of the letters in the alphabet by sight and is starting to pretend read his books through memorization. I think it is important to make his reading experience interactive, with flash cards and silly games. However, I need a break sometimes and I need something that can help him to achieve similar results in his reading growth, and I have found that in the new iPad app called Learn with Homer (Homer is a pigeon character within the app).

Learn with Homer app

Homer is a fun, educational and interactive iPad app, with a complete comprehensive literacy program for children aged three to six. Created by well-known education reformer Stephanie Dua, her daughters begged for engaging reading lessons to do at home that did not involve boring workbooks. The Learn with Homer app is free to download, and includes one level of Learn to Read and one Discover the World adventure pack, plus access to the Clubhouse and parent tools. Additional content will be available through in-app purchase.

Homer appAfter a few days of exploring the Learn with Homer app H has mastered the letters A, T and P by sound, he knows everything you need to know about lions, apes and giraffes (did you know a giraffe’s neck only has seven vertebrae?), and he keeps saying “Hooray and happy day”. Learn with Homer is not just a game, it has significant learning value, obvious only after a few days of play. Plus H asks to play the app instead of his daily 30 minute TV time we allow him and that is all right with me.

You can learn more about Learn with Homer Here
You can download the Learn with Homer app Here

Have you found other educational iPad apps suitable for the preschooler?

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