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I am not a photographer by any means, but in the last three years that I have had an iPhone, I have been interested in improving my photo taking skills. I look at angles, lighting, make sure body parts are not cropped out and use multiple apps to create the perfect (to me) photo. It is easier when my photography subjects are my own kids.

Here are my two favorite iPhone photos from today, you can always stay updated with my daily photos on Instagram (my current addiction).

Patemm Pad My Strange Family

LilStrange hanging out on her Patemm Pad

LEGO My Strange Family

It was a rainy day in The Hamptons so we played with Legos on the porch. H’s tee is from Fore Axel and Hudson.

We are from the west coast and we always travel out there for a few weeks during the summer to reconnect with our family and friends. However, this year I gave birth to our second child in June and we felt it would be too much for the four of us to fly the long distance with a newborn. So, we decided to rent a summer farmhouse out in the Hamptons, knowing the distance from NYC would be more manageable. This day started off bright and sunny, we went to breakfast in town, swam in the pool, had a nap and when we woke it was raining. Living in the city you are forced to play inside when it rains, but this cute farmhouse we were renting had a huge covered porch. So, we brought the Legos outside and played for hours, building imaginary places for pirates to find treasures, while the rain came down around us. I am so glad we had this trip and our special family time together even if it was not out west in our usual places.