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One month old babies sleep, eat, poop and cry. They need lots of cuddles, kisses and patience from their caregiver. These wants and needs seem so easy, but in reality it is not.

After one month with H I was a zombie, barley sleeping, rarely going outside. Being a first time mom was hard, really hard! No matter how much preparation I though I had, I was ill prepared for the complete 180 change in my life. Trust me, it gets easier but in that moment (one month in as a new mom) I did not believe it.

Lo and behold I got pregnant again, and I feared our manageable lifestyle would go back to zombie-ville. Surprisingly lilStrange has adapted to our busy lifestyle, she does not mind hanging out in the Britax baby carrier, she will take her meals wherever (thanks to Bravado) and she already does one five hour stretch of sleep at night. Truth, I am still extremely tired, and trying to manage both kids and their miss-matched schedules of needs is not easy. But, it is not as bad as I though it would be (one month in as a mother of two).

One Month Old Photos

H on the left vs lilStrange on the right (she is totally laughing at me)