H is a big fan of Ella’s Kitchen’s organic purees and snacks for kids, and I am a big fan because he gets his daily serving of greens without protest. So, I was excited to learn that Ella’s Kitchen now has a colorful new cookbook, which is filled with more than 100 kid approved recipes. Filled with easy, healthy and fun recipes. Plus ideas for getting the kids to help you in the kitchen. You can purchase the Ella’s Kitchen Cookbook for $15 at Amazon.com.

H is obsessed with all the photos, and insists on having me read it to him every night before bed.

Ella's Kitchen Cookbook

If you don’t have time to cook up some yummy snacks from the cookbook, you can always grab some of Ella’s Kitchen’s new Puffits or Munchy Biscuits. They are the perfect size to satisfy H’s need for a snack, and because they are individually wrapped you can easily throw a pack into the diaper bag

Ella's Kitchen SnacksMy Strange Family was provided snacks and a cookbook from Ella’s Kitchen as part of the Queen Bee program. All opinions expressed here are my own.