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Discovery Times Square in New York City is more than a museum, it is a large-scale exhibition center with limited-run, educational and unique exhibits. This past week My Strange Family got to experience one of the current exhibits, Odyssey’s Shipwreck! Pirates & Treasure.

Shipwreck! offers visitiors a unique look into the depths of the ocean through a mix of actual historical artifacts and hands-on, interactive computer games and exhibits. The exhibit is ideal for all ages, but would be most appealing to treasure seekers, history buffs, future pirates, or lovers of the sea. The exhibit will be at Discovery Times Square through the end of the 2013 year.

Use the Discovery Times Square promotional code: FANSHIP to save up to $3 per ticket.

Discovery Times SquareH loved pretending to be a pirate sailing a ship (Arrr, Matey!), and my mom experienced how a high-speed, wind storm feels on the open sea, in the hurricane wind tunnel (the wind goes up to 75-mph).

Discovery Times SquareThe exhibit showcases over 500 authentic artifacts from several of Odyssey’s notable shipwreck recoveries. We saw rare bottles, porcelain figurines and a stunning collection of gold and silver.Discovery Times SquareThere is a great gift shop at the end with a wide range of pirate items and prices to purchase, Plus a Georgetown Cupcake cafe!

GIVEAWAY: Thank you to Discovery Times Square: Shipwreck! Pirates and Treasures, you can win tickets to take your family for free! I have 15 tickets to give away to lucky My Strange Family readers!

All of the winners have been contacted and tickets have been claimed.

Remember the exhibit will be at Discovery Times Square through the end of the 2013 year, so if you are planning to visit NYC anytime this year then enter away! Plus use the Discovery Times Square promotional code: FANSHIP to save up to $3 per ticket.

Good luck, Matey!