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The only rule to welcoming a new baby is to shower the parents-to-be with lots of love, and if you feel inclined you can also give a thoughtful gift. When searching for the best baby gifts to give I always try to find something that will last beyond the baby stage. Don’t get me wrong parents-to-be also need baby only items, but it is always nice to give (and receive) gifts that are useful for more than a few months.

I have been going through tons of baby items from H and deciding to either keep them for BabyGirl or donate, and I started to notice a few items that I received as baby shower gifts for H that are still in use 2.5 years later (plus a few new items I have discovered along the way).

So here is the My Strange Family list of the best baby shower gifts to give that last beyond the baby stage, at multiple price points:

My Strange Baby Shower Gifts

  • Safety First 1st Grooming Kit– $10 I use the comb and spritzer bottle everyday, the nail clippers twice a week, and all the items fit nicely in the reversible cary case when we travel.
  • Disney Baby Burpies $18 and Swaddle Duo $38 from SwaddleDesigns– Even though H no longer needs to be burped or swaddled, he is still messy and I keep a pile of these around the apartment, and one in the diaper bag for those unexpected messes. Plus I love the adorable Disney Baby details.
  • The Honest Company New Baby Arrival Kit– $46 I Love the Honest Company diapers and bath & body products. This kit is perfect for parents-to-be to get to try out the Honest diapers, wipes, shampoo & body wash, healing balm and hand sanitizer without making the full Honest Company Bundle commitment $80 a month. We still use the Honest diapers everyday and once H is potty trained we will continue to use the bath, body and home products.
  • Patemm Pad– $65 We are starting the potty training process on H but until he is fully trained I still need a place to lay him on when changing his diaper at home or when we travel. The Patemm Pad is perfect because it is so large and when he squirms around, the floor is still protected. The Patemm Pad is also a perfect size to bring to the park for protected seating for one.

My Strange Baby Shower Gifts

  • Honeywell Air Purifier– Starting at $140, When H was born I wanted to make sure the air in his space was clean and clear from dust, mold and allergens. However, air purifiers are not just for babies they can be used for everyone and every room in the household.
  • Nuna LEAF– $230 This lounger chair can be used from birth to 130 pounds (I even have adult friends that could use the Nuna LEAF). The chair can be used at playtime, nap time and lunchtime. The LEAF is motor-free and the motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over 2 minutes.
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair– $250 The Tripp Trapp high chair design has been around for 40+ years and it is still unique today. It is the only child’s chair that can take you from baby to adult, keeping you secure and comfortable all the way. Plus the Stokke high chair does not clash with our modern decor.

This list could probably go on-and-on…

Do you have any go to baby shower gifts or gifts that you received that last beyond the baby stage?