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As I approach my 40th week of pregnancy I know the end is near and Baby Girl Strange will be here any day now. My mom flew out today so the stress of what to do with H has been alleviated. I have purchased a few pink baby items, dusted off the bassinet, charged the camera battery (after finding the charger at the bottom of a box, that was never emptied after we moved) and bought some dry shampoo. Anything else that we might need can be purchased at any Duane Reade on every corner in New York City or the Buy Buy Baby that is only a few blocks away from our apartment.

So, we are ready right (?) except for one thing… we have not picked out a name!

Our Baby Girl name list currently has ten names on it, and changes some each day but it never gets shorter. We have gone through family names, trendy names, classic names but nothing is sticking out. I have even downloaded the app Baby Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer? and put every name we find through the app to see how it has performed through out the years. The stats are fascinating, it tells you the top profession for the name, top political party, the year it peaked in popularity, what US region it is most popular in etc. But, we still don’t have a name!

Baby Photo Circa 1981

I found this baby photo today (also in a box), I was supposed to be a boy and my name was going to be Jeffery. So, I guess my parents also had to pick out my name last minute.

How did you go about naming your kids? Did you wait until they were born to actually pick out a name? Or was the name picked out for years?