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As I sit in bed on this beautiful June day, resting and waiting on the arrival of BabyGirl Strange, I start looking back through old photos of our June adventures throughout the years. I keep seeing a trend, and it is a June vacation trend.

June Adventures

  • 2009- We were childless and traveling through Spain. Our trip started in Madrid soaking in the culture and exploring museums. We then took a train north to San Sebastián eating our way through Michelin stars restaurants and the most amazing pintxos in the world. After completely filling ourselves up we rented a car to drive across the Spanish Basque Country along the Pyrenees through Pamplona (running of the bulls) towards Barcelona.
  • 2010- I was pregnant with H and we were living in Hong Kong. The location of Hong Kong makes it easy enough to take short trips throughout Asia. On this particular long weekend in June we went to Hoi An, Vietnam located on the South China Sea. We spent a majority of our time floating in the pool taking in the beautiful sea views and the rest being tourists and sleeping.
  • 2011- H was 8 months old and we took a trip out west to visit with my family in California. We had some amazing photos taken by Kate Martin Photography, tons of cousin time, beach time, pool time and H’s first trip to an amusement park, Legoland California for the annual Star Wars Days.
  • 2012- We took another trip out west, but this time we went to Seattle to visit with my husbands family. Most of the time we are too busy running around catching up with everyone that we forget to take the time to be tourists and enjoy the city. So, on this trip we took one full day to explore Seattle! We rode the monorail to the EMP museum, looked up at the Space Needle, walked to Pike Place Market and explored the water front.

June of next year we will be a family of four, with a one year old and a 3.5 year old. I can’t wait to see where we choose to travel to as a family. But, I do know for sure that I will not be sitting in bed writing a blog post on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.