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I am normally a soap and water type of girl, never to fussy about a skin care routine or products. However with this pregnancy I can see a significant change in my skin and just soap and water does not cut it anymore. Some of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and can affect you and your baby. So making informed decisions about the brands and products you use during your pregnancy is very important.

A few weeks ago I attend an event Summer Glow on the Go at the Bump offices in New York City, and got a hands-on experience with numerous body care lines and products that are also safe to use when pregnant. After sampling many of the amazing products theses past weeks I have decided to highlight my favorites from head to toe to achieve that “Mama Glow”.

Mama GlowAden + Anais- Hair + Body Wash: You are probably most familiar with this Australian brand from there ever so popular muslin swaddle blankets, and just recently Aden + Anais introduced a body care collection called Mum + Bub. Each of the body care products have a soft gentle scent, and utilizes pawpaw (papaya) fruit know to have exfoliating and healing benefit properties. The Aden and Anais hair and body wash is a mild, tear free, conditioning wash that is Gentle enough for baby, yet sophisticated enough for you.

Belli- Anti-Blemish Facial Wash: I am really loving this face wash, it is a clear gel that goes on easily. Most times I leave it on for a few minutes for a deeper cleansing type mask. Belli products are FREE of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide- common acne fighting ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy. I have not noticed over drying, but I do use a moisturizer after washing.

CV Skinlabs- Calming Moisture for Face: I have been using this moisturizer at nighttime. If you ever have any feeling of irritation or dryness this cream helps to calm the redness. I can feel and see a noticeable difference in my skin only after a few uses. Plus my skin still feels great even hours after usage.

Belli- Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen SPF 25: I have been using this sunscreen moisturizer during the daytime, because sun exposure during pregnancy can result in unsightly discoloration and uneven skin tone. It has a shear tint so you will probably not be sharing with your baby or husband but it is safe for them if it is all you have around. The sunscreen feels a bit heavy on the face but does not have a sunscreen smell at all and is oil free.

Vitacare- Complete Oral Care Health: Vitacare currently has four oral care products; toothpaste, mouthwash, gum and toothbrushes. I am very picky about toothpaste, it is usually too strong. I don’t normally chew gum because it makes me sneeze. But, the Vitacare products are perfect I have been using the Mint + Key Lime toothpaste and mouthwash. Plus I can chew the Vitacare gum without sneezing! During this pregnancy my teeth have become more sensitive, so it is good to know that they also have Mint + Chia Mint sensitive whitening toothpaste!

CV Skinlabs- Rescue + Relief Spray: With my stomach growing and stretching it has become increasingly itchy (?) so I was so excited when Britta Aragon (the founder and creator) told me about this spray! This refreshing, milky emulsion provides deep, hydrating moisture while calming and soothing flushed, sensitive skin. It has no scent and works wonders, I use it every morning, night and after taking a shower. Plus it has a million other uses, your husband can even use it as an aftershave!

Boots US- No7 Smooth & Improve Cellulite Treatment: My body is changing and growing so I am seeing way more cellulite on my thighs. This Boots treatment has an innovative and unique ‘penta-roller’ applicator goes to work on cellulite immediately. The 5 metal balls roll over the skin to gently yet effectively massage the affected areas. I have yet to see vast improvements but it does say to use for 4 weeks, so in time.

Mama Mio- Lucky Legs Cooling Serum: I have suffered from aching legs, foot swelling and night cramps, and on the nights I remember to use this cooling serum I have noticed instant relief because it boosts circulation, to reduce discomfort. Lucky Legs has a refreshing spearmint scent, dispenses as a foam and it has a bit of added sparkle.

The final touch to getting the “Mama Glow” is to work out your body and mind everyday, and by reading Latham Thomas new book Mama Glow: A Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy I received so many great tips on how to reduce stress, found tons of great nutritious recipes to add to my current eating habits (I am not choosing to have a vegan diet), and I learned how to incorporate yoga (or Pilates in my case) into my daily life, to maintain a balance to support a blissful journey to motherhood. A lot of the information is common sense but it is always great to hear it again.

Thank you to The Bump, Mama Glow and all the brands represented at the event for providing product samples for review purpose, as always all opinions expressed here are my own.