Most moms-to-be put off buying maternity clothes until the last minute possible. They will buy a Belly Band in hopes to continue to wear their pre-pregnancy jeans and pants until they can’t squeeze themselves into them any longer. However, I found the tummy tube band uncomfortable and always rising up. This pregnancy I chose comfort first, and bought maternity clothes right from the start to get the full 9 months wear out of them!

I am all about living on a budget, but you are pregnant for 9 months and deserve to look good even if you might not feel good. The five maternity items I think are necessary and worth the splurge are:

  • Good pair of jeans- I like the jeans that have the secret fit belly panel, the size you pick should be numerical (not S,M,L) and based on your pre-pregnancy size. If you have a designer brand that you are already in love with try that brand first.

  • Date night dress- Without fail you will be invited to at least one “dressy” event during the nine months, so having a “little black” maternity dress is perfect because you can wear it multiple times and change it up with different colored accessories.

  • Cardigan/ Wrap sweater–  When you are feeling “pregnant” a cardigan or wrap sweater is a great way to cover-up. Pick a color that will coordinate best with your wardrobes colors.

  • Maxi dress- I love my jeans, but pants are not comfortable to wear everyday so a long comfortable dress is a great alternative and can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

  • Bathing Suit- If you are taking the ever coveted “babymoon” or live near a beach or pool, then buy a bathing suit that is comfortable and has good coverage (you don’t want to burn you belly) is a must.

All the other necessary items such as tank tops, leggings, yoga pants, t-shirts can be bought on the cheap at the following locations: 

What maternity item do you think is the most important and worth the splurge?