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A few weeks back I finally started looking pregnant. Random people are now congratulating me on the street, others are saying “You must be due soon”! “Do you need to rest”? Besides looking pregnant I am actually feeling ok. I am still walking as much as I did before I was pregnant, I still do Pilates weekly (pre-natal now) and I still go to bed way too late. I am not a huge fan of taking photos of myself (pregnant or not) but here are a few pregnant photos of me from the past few weeks of being pregnant.

pregnant in the city

B&W Photo credit- Jennifer Loomis Photography, the others are from my iPhone5

Five years ago my body was at its peak high, I was on a strict workout and diet routine for my wedding. Since then I have been on the pregnancy weight gain and weight loss roller coster and I am still on that ride. I will probably never be at my peak size again, and I am ok with that, but these drastic weight changes to my body have made my clothes and undergarments not fit the same as they used to.

After H was born I had more curves, and trying to find comfortable and affordable bras became harder. I continued to go to the same stores I used to shop at pre-H, but everything I was trying on was uncomfortable and ill-fitted. Recently I was introduced to Curvy Couture and I will never look back. The bras from Curvy Couture are for everyday wear, are comfortable, have great support and fit. They are also fashionable, with fun patterns such as the Animal Skin Lace Push up pictured below.

Curvy Couture Animal Skin Lace

Plus Curvy Couture has some more neutral everyday wear bras (more my style). My new favorite is the T-Shirt Bra, I now wear this bra everyday and it is so comfortable I could sleep in it. I love that the thin foam does not crack. You can bend and crush these bras and they will retain their shape and cups beatuifully. Pefect for travel getaways and packing in suitcases!

Curvy Couture BrasOnce I loose this baby weight, and find my new true body size, I will be investing in multiple bras from Curvy Couture.

What is your go to undergarment brand now that you have had a kid?

I received a bra for review purposes, but as always all opinions expressed here are my own.