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Living in New York City we are very lucky to have Broadway theater right at our front door. Many shows are performed eight times a week, so the options are unlimited. What is even better is all of the kid friendly theater options available out there. I try to take H to a show or live performance once a month, it is so important to expose kids to these types of experiences early on so their appreciation for the arts will last a lifetime. Plus sitting quietly and listening skills are also learned.

Piggy Nation the Musical

The last show we took H to was an Off-Broadway musical called Piggy Nation the Musical, based on a popular children’s picture book by Richard Rosser called Piggy Nation a Day at work with Dad. The musical is appropriate for preschool- late elementary school aged kids and is one hour long. H is only 2.5 years old so it got a bit long for him in some parts (mostly when it was dark, just acting or the slow songs) but he loved all of the upbeat songs and silly dancing all of the animal characters do.

The Cast of Piggy Nation NYC

The musical is about Sammy getting to go to work with his dad for the first time, Sammy’s Dad is a “Piggy Patrol Officer” who makes sure Piggy Nation is free of “piggy behavior”. The two of them drive around town on the lookout for offenders and hand out tickets to anyone who is displaying said “piggy behavior”. H still sits on the floor and pretends to be riding in a car with his dad saying “Beep-Beep, Honk-Honk, Arooga” and he keeps asking “I go to work with Dad also”.

My Strange Family Piggy Nation

Piggy Nation the Musical is cute and fun for the whole family. The musical features an original score with blues, rock, rap and gospel influences. The show is full of lessons in thoughtfulness and consideration. Besides enjoying the show H insists on having the book read to him every night since we saw the show! I love how the learning is never ending and the musical will stick with him so much longer because of the book Piggy Nation a Day at work with Dad.

Piggy Nation a day at Work with Dad the book

If you are in the NYC area or planning to travel to New York City with your kids and would love to expose them to an age appropriate musical, Piggy Nation the Musical would be a great choice. Plus the show is playing right in the heart of Times Square.

210 W. 50th Street (at Broadway)
New York, NY 10019
Saturdays at 11am & 5pm
Sundays at noon

3 Ways to Buy Tickets
Call our Box Office directly.
Piggy Nation tickets at Ticketmaster.com
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Purchase tickets in person at the Snapple Theater Center Box Office.
210 West 50th Street at Broadway
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What is your kids favorite book that you would love seeing turned into a musical?