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The Y-Volution YGlider G2 Scooter has been living in our closet for 8 months, first because I though H was too young (he was not even 2 when I received it), and then winter happened in the city. However, today was gorgeous in NYC so I decided to let H take the YGlider G2 Scooter out for a spin.

Y-Volution YGlider G2 Scooter - Blue

Lets just say he loved it and did not want to go back inside even though it was getting dark. He is still slow going but was able to maneuver the scooter all by himself. The large two front wheels made balancing easy for him without any tipping issues. He has played around on other brand kids scooters at the park and in my opinion the Y-Volution scooter is by far the best for 2 year olds.

Y-Volution YGlider G2 Scooter - Blue

The Y-Volution YGlider G2 Scooter features:

  • Two large urethane front wheels
  • A super wide urethane rear wheel with easy touch safety break
  • A solid reinforced plastic deck
  • A strong aluminum handlebar which is removable and allows for easy storage and transport.

The YGlider is the perfect scooter for children ages 2-5 years.

Also it is that time of year where kids are active outside on scooters, bikes and skateboards and I can not stress enough about helmet safety. Here is a post I wrote last year Helmets on Heads: With Schwinn and ThinkFirst providing great tips on how to properly wear a helmet.

Do you have a scooter for your little one? How old were they when the started scooting?

I won the Y-Volution YGlider G2 Scooter durring a BlogHer event raffle. I was not paid or asked to review this product but I love sharing great products with my readers.