Good Friday is a religious holiday and not a national holiday, so we thought it would be a perfect day to trek up to the Bronx Zoo not realizing everyone else in the five burrows had the same idea (spring break time for schools). We have a Wildlife Conservation Society season pass so we can go as often as we want so the need to see and do everything during one trip is not necessary.

Besides the crowds H had a great time seeing the animals and even got a high-five from a gorilla in the Congo section (no photo proof, but I had him reenact the scene with the handprint statue). Oh, and the line to the bug carousel was way to long so we convinced H that the bug statue was the “bug ride” and a lady bug even landed on him (good luck)!

A lot of the exhibits were still closed because it has been an especially long winter this year, but the Bronx Zoo is huge with tons of things to see!


What do you plan to do over this holiday weekend?