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My 2 ½ year old son and I attended Bello Mania at The New Victory Theater. The show is billed for ages four and up and that is right on target.

Bello Mania

Prior to the show there was entertainment downstairs consisting of group led movement for the older children and gymnastic moves on mats for the younger set. Reasonably priced snacks, including nut-free brownies were for sale. Before the show, all children received a clown nose, as well.

The New Victory Theater

Photo: Alexis Buatti-Ramos, The New Victory Theater

The theater is a beautiful, old space. There are plenty of booster seats to give smaller children a clear view. As the show began, my two year old found the loud music a bit scary. While he didn’t understand many of the gags, children five and older were laughing and clapping at Bello’s antics. Adults in the audience were highly entertained as well. H could not keep his eyes off the gymnastic moves by Annaliese, and he loved talking about the very tall ladder and the very small bike hours after the performance. The finale was the highlight of the show.

You won’t be disappointed in Bello Mania playing at The New Victory Theater from April 4th – 20th, 2014. Also check out the other child-centered offerings at The New Victory Theater in New York City.