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My Strange Family just moved and our new apartment has twice as much space as our previous one. We decided with the new space that it is time to buy a new couch for the playroom. Our main living room couch is a very modern sectional inspired by mid-century classics and simple, everyday forms. Truth be told our main couch looks great but it is just not comfortable for everyday lounging. So, with this new couch purchase I want one that is comfy but still within our budget of $1,000-$2,500.

My new couch requirements are: High back to support my shoulders and neck, deep depth but not too deep, able to sink into it with some support, durable/easy to clean for use with a toddler and new baby, and to stay within our couch budget.

If you have the time and patients I recommend going to ABC Carpet and Home Warehouse Outlet in the Bronx. But, don’t hesitated like we did because the store might only have one of a specific couch style and it could be sold within seconds of walking away from it!

So, after weeks of exploring New York City furniture stores (many of them multiple times and a few disappointments) I have created a shortlist of what I think are the best comfy couches out there on a budget.

Comfy Couches on a Budget

  1. Isla from Sofa.com $1,720+
  2. Belgian Classic Roll Arm from Restoration Hardware $1,990+
  3. Cobble Hill South Hampton from ABC Carpet and Home $1,995+
  4. Hayes from Room and Board $2,099+
  5. Cobble Hill Greenwich from ABC Carpet and Home $2,495+
  6. Bluebell from Sofa.com $1,910+
  7. Metro from Room and Board $1,399+
  8. Taraval from Crate and Barrel $2,499+

Trying to find a couch with all my desired features within the budget is hard! I seemed to find an issue with each and every couch that I tried, but in the end we decided on the Isla from Sofa.com. Sofa.com has a showroom in Chelsea where you can try out all the couch styles, and they have a wall with 70+ fabric swatch samples to take home. The delivery time for Sofa.com is longer than most stores “stock couches” but in the end the sofa is 100% customizable and has free delivery within the five boroughs.

Isla couch from Sofa.com

What household item was the most stressful for you to buy?