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It is that time of year again, to start making your lists and checking them twice. However, if you are still lost on what to pick out for the little ones in your life the My Strange Family gift guide is here to help.

The gift that keeps on giving, Subscription Gifts

  • Ranger Rick Jr or Ranger Rick Magazine $19.95 for a year. I received this magazine when I was a kid and I loved that it was addressed to me. Ranger Rick is perfect for all ages, especially if your kid is fascinated by animals. Each magazine is full of brightly colored animal photos and fun facts (I even learned a thing or two).
  • Bluum Box- Infant or toddler $149.50 for a year, you can also do 3 month or 6 month subscriptions. Each month the box is packed full of 4-5 deluxe samples for mom and baby. My first toddler box contained an Oogaa silicone placemat, one Little Pim French DVD, Brain Rules for Baby book, Boogie Wipes, a food pack from Happy Baby Food, and Veggie Crayons. The cost of the box is way less then the cost of all the items individually. Great for new moms!

Toys that need batteries, Electronic Gifts

  • LeapPad2 from LeapFrog $99. Lets just say I am not comfortable handing over my iPad to my two year old, so the LeapPad is a great option with tons of fun games to keep my kid entertained for those long plane rides or for the everyday educational use.
  • Wiggler Vehicle from Safety 1st Cubikals $12.99. This little car is so cute, you have to see it in action to believe it. The first time I saw it wiggling it was like watching a cartoon.
  • Be-A-Star Sing-Along Jukebox from Baby Genius $39.99. This jukebox is easy for my two year old to use, besides the microphone and the 40 songs to pick from it has a slot to insert plastic coins (developing fine motor skills).

Toys that don’t need batteries, Open Ended Gifts

  • Sort and Solve Puzzle from Rubiks $14.99. This Toy is my #1 favorite toy for H right now. He can learn shapes, colors and numbers. It is easy enough for him to play with on his own, but he still needs my help to open it (which means the pieces don’t fall out when he is playing with it). Avoid all other shape sorter type toys (even the wood ones) and just buy this one, it really is the best one!
  • Magnetic Animals by Vilac from Babesta $29. I am a big fan of all the toys by Vilac and this magnetic animal set does not disappoint. It is like a 3d puzzle but easier for little hands to put together, plus you can create your own imaginary creatures if you mix and match the pieces.
  • Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set from Just Play $24.99. If your kid is a fan of this hit TV show, then they will love to pretend to take care of their toys. Plus all the pieces fit nicely in the bag fo easy clean up!

Gifts for good, Benefits St. Jude

  • Children’s Kitchen Tool Kit from St. Jude $22. A great gift for you little chef in training. Featuring St. Jude patient inspired artwork, and recipe cards from St. Jude head Chef Miles McMath.
  • Ladybug Overnight Bag from St. Jude $28. This bag is cute and soft and unique for overnight trips, they also have a dog bag if your kid would prefer.
  • Kid’s Gardener-in-Training Set from St. Jude $30. For your little gardener in training! Patient inspired artwork compliments the front of the apron. Comes with all the tools needed to handle all the “dirty” work! (Now if we only had a yard here in NYC).

Uniquely New York gift options

  • NYC Hot Dog Pretzel NY Tee from Piccolini $30. Get in the empire state of mind in this extremely cute, very soft, organic, unisex tee. Lets hope Piccolini will be making adult sizes soon!
  • WarMMuffs from 7 A.M. Enfant $38. Living in New York City and pushing a stroller in the winter time is harsh on your hands, and constantly talking your gloves on and off is not practical when needing to tend to your child, so this warm muffs is the answer to all of your winter / stroller solutions.
  • King of NY Tee from Appaman $38. Samuel Mark a local New York City graffiti artist teamed up with Appaman to create this cleverly designed shirt. Besides being totally NYC it is a very well made, great quality shirt just like all of the Appaman items.

Disks, DVD’s or CD’s

  • French Intro Gift Set from Little Pim $39.95. Can a panda teach your kid a foreign language? Right now H is a parrot so during the whole DVD episode he repeats everything the panda says, so yeah in time I do think he will pick up the words. Besides all of the learning he gets from the DVD he really enjoys watching it and asks for “Panda” every morning.
  • Kidz Bop 22 from Kidz Bop $10. This CD is H’s go to CD! It features all of todays hottest kid-friendly hits sung by kids. All the inappropriate words and themes are removed from the songs, so you can feel 100% comfortable allowing your kid to listen to the Kidz Bop CD (even if it is a bit annoying for an adult to listen to).

Do you have something that should be added to the list? Or something that you plan to buy your kid this holiday season?

I was either provided with samples of these products, or were given opportunities to have H play with the item. These are the best items that I reviewed and everything provided to me is not on this list. All opinions expressed are my own.