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Do your kids go “Bananas” every time the Fresh Beat Band comes on Nick Jr.? Well H does, he sings and dances throughout the whole TV show. The new CD The Fresh Beat Band, Vol. 2.0 (More Music from the Hit TV Show) was released today Oct 9th, 2012. So, H and I went to J&R Jr. for the CD release event and a meet and greet with the band. He was a bit nervous at first but didn’t stop talking about it the whole Subway ride home!

Plus set your DVR’s for a new Fresh Beat Band episode, “Dance-a-thon” premiering this Sunday, October 14th at 8p ET on Nick Jr. Here are two clips from the upcoming Fresh Beat Band show!

Love this song “Good Times” from the Fresh Beat Band

Thank you J&R Jr. and Nickelodeon for the great afternoon!