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In the last two years I have tried out over a handful of strollers with H, so I think I am now able to compare and contrast multiple different brands, price points, styles. The latest stroller that I have been using is the new Phil & Teds Navigator. It is being advertised as the go everywhere inline stroller and I think that is pretty accurate.

Here is a little background on how I use a stroller day-to-day: I am a city dweller who does not own a car, I walk a lot, I have to go up 7 steps to get into my apartment, I use the subway and taxis. With all those facts in mind here is my stroller checklist for all strollers I review.

Travel System Stroller Checklist: Phil & Teds Navigator 

  1. Is the price point under $500? Yes, the Phil & Teds Navigator is priced at $499.99 so right on the nose.
  2. Can it be folded with the seat attached? Yes, this is very important when getting in and out of a taxi. Having one piece makes the lift heavy but much easier if I am traveling by myself.
  3. Does it have a cup holder? No, I use the pockets in the diaper bag to hold drinks for my son, but I do prefer someplace to hold a drink for myself.
  4. Are the tires foam or need air? The tires are air which makes the ride smooth and easier to go up and down steps. But, make sure you have a pump or a bike shop nearby because you might get a flat.
  5. Can it accommodate two seated riders with additional attachments? Yes, for an additional $149.99 you can purchase a doubles kit. I do not have this attachment but it is great to know the option is available. Plus Phil & Teds has a really cool free rider stroller board (scooter) that can be attached for an older child!
  6. Is the seat forward and rear facing? No, the stock seat is forward facing only, but you can purchase a face-to-face seat for $49.99. Once my son could sit on his own he never wanted to face me anyways, so I probably would have not used the face-to-face seat, but all kids are different.
  7. Is the storage space large enough to hold a bag of groceries? Yes, the undercarriage on the Phil & Teds Navigator is roomy it can hold up to one bag of groceries. Some stroller panniers would be a great new accessory so it can hold more groceries on those weekly shopping trips.
  8. Can I fold it with one hand? Personally, I can’t but it is an easy fold and it collapses into a small footprint when at home or in a trunk.
  9. Can I push it with one hand? Yes, it is an easy smooth push which means a smooth ride for my son.
  10. Can it be used from birth with additional attachments? It can be used from birth with the stock seat reclined all the way back, or by attaching a car seat with the $39.99 adaptors, or the snug carrycot for $149.99

Bonus Question: Is it easy enough for my tall husband to push? Yes!

I have yet to find a stroller that can answer yes to all of the questions on my stroller checklist, but I think depending on your stroller usage and needs the Phil & Teds Navigator might be the perfect all-in-one stroller for your family or growing family.

If you have any questions about the Phil & Teds Navigator let me know and I will try my best to answer.

I was provided with a Phil & Teds Navigator stroller for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.