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I love taking and sharing photos of H, and lately more and more of my family and friends are joining Instagram (you can follow me at kristrange if you want). The social photo app Instagram is popular and easy to use, but its forced cropping and centering into a square makes it hard to post Horizontal (wide) or vertical (tall) photos, and when you do it adds unsightly black bars to the photo.

So, I am going to share some of my favorite iPhone apps and fun photography related technology tips on improving your Instagram photo feed. So your photos can go from looking like this to this on Instagram:

I am currently only using these four apps to edit my iPhone photos:

  1. Instagram– filters and sharing
  2. Diptic- to create collages and filters
  3. PS Express- fix exposure and sharpen
  4. Squaready- puts tall or wide photos into a square without black bars

Today I took three photos of H playing at the park, I first edited them individually a bit by using PS Express, then I pulled them into Diptic to create this trio photo college.

The final photo college created in Diptic is perfect for Facebook or blog write-ups but because it is horizontal it would normally not be good for Instagram sharing. However, using my new favorite photo app Squaready you can! This awesome app lets you shrink your photos into a square so it is ready for Instagram without having to crop out any subjects of the photo when creating a square.

The image will show up as a vertical or horizonal image with white borders. Those borders are not visible in Instagram because of the white background on the feed and photos pages.

I think the Squaready app is very important for the Instagram enthusiast.

What are your favorite smart phone photo apps?