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I had been wanting to take H to Sesame Place all summer but we never got around to going. So, during H’s afternoon nap my husband and I decided to just bite the bullet, get a hotel (on points), take the train to Pennsylvania and go to Sesame Place (on a holiday weekend)! My husband had never heard of Sesame Place, and I had been once as a kid in the mid 80’s so we really did not know what to expect. Here is a photo of me on the “Cookie Mountain”.

The train ride to Sesame Place on the NJ Transit was easy from Penn Station, and by 5pm we were in our hotel in Pennsylvania.

Sesame Place is 50% water park, 25% dry rides, 25% shows and 100% Sesame, H was in awe! Just walking towards the entrance H had pointed out every single character that he recognized, and kept looking around for Elmo because Elmo’s voice was being projected through the speakers. We chose to avoid the Sesame Place water park (we used our small empty hotel pool to cool off instead). H went on one dry ride happily, and one dry ride in tears, so we gave up on the dry rides pretty early on (plus the lines were long, probably because it was Labor Day weekend)! However, the shows were so cute, interactive and they amazed H that it made all the craziness and crowds worth it.

Sesame Place has an amazing firework show on Labor Day Weekend, but then you have to deal with the crazy crowds.

Sesame Place is close enough to New York City that you can make the trip back and forth in one very long day, or make a mini family weekend getaway. However, I don’t think it is close enough to justify getting a season pass. We will probably go to Sesame Place again in about a year, and possibly attempt the water park, and hopefully H will have less tears on the dry rides.

Look who got picked as a “Special Rockin’ Volunteer” I am going to be nice and not post the video, but I will post some photos.

“Look mama it’s Elmo and Ernie and Cookie and dad dancing”!
Do you love going to family friendly theme parks or do you prefer other types of activities with your kids?