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Growing up in Southern California my family would go “camping” once a month (beach camping, in motor homes but still, camping). Our favorite places to camp were at Doheny State Beach, or Campland on the Bay. We would always camp with our cousins and family friends. Over the years our families created many bonding moments together staying up late, playing games, singing silly songs and roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Here is an old school photo of me when I was two or three roasting my own marshmallow. I can only imagine how excited I was to get to taste my first S’more.
Now that the last days of summer are upon us, I wanted H to experience his own first taste of s’mores, so we had a “HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE” night. We were not camping but created our own backyard bonfire using an amazing Chiminea.

H getting the necessary supplies together for s’mores making, “Don’t forget the Hershey’s mama”.

Marshmallows are a roasting in the Chiminea and H is patiently waiting while munching on a graham cracker.

H tasting his first Hershey’s S’mores and it is oh so messy. Guess who forgot to bring a clean change of clothes for H?

I even got a video of H tasting his first s’more! Do you think he liked it?

What are you planning to do with your family during these last days of summer?

This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.