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With so many toddler toys out there it is really hard to pick out which toys your toddler would like best. On H’s first birthday he received tons of amazing gifts, the only thing is now that he is almost 2 these great toys are now being actively played with by H.

Here is a list of the top five toddler toys picked by my own toddler H:

1. Thomas the Train: Tidmouth Sheds Playset: Ages 18 months – 6 years The pieces are big so great for little hands and improving fine motor skills (FYI: the train is not compatible with other Thomas trains). The shed makes sounds and talks when different spots are pushed (but it is not loud or annoying at all). The Sir Topham Hatt comes in and out of the car and also talks when placed on a platform.

2.  B. Whacky Ball1 Year and up Even though this toy is for 1+ H had more fun with it once he was able to walk and not needing to use it for support. He loves watching the balls fall and roll down the ramps. We also use the Whacky Ball to practice matching colors into the correct slot.

3. Cloud B ‘Twilight’ Stuffed Turtle Night Light Ages 2 and up I think this sleepy turtle is perfect from early on as long is it is placed on a high shelve (I think the age recommendation is because it has batteries). The turtles shell lights up and projects stars onto the ceiling and walls in three different colors. H is mesmerized every time we turn it on and even older kids especially those who are scared of the dark love the Cloud B Night Lights.

4. Fisher-Price Classic Record Player Ages 4 and up Yes, H is still a bit young for this record player, and I do need to help him out some when he is playing with it but the songs are cute nursery rhymes that we sing and dance together. He also like to put the small records into the hidden back slot and turn the knob to make the player spin.

5. Vilac Speedster Race Car Toy 1 Year and up This race car is designed and made in France out of wood, has a beautiful sleek design, heavy and high quality. H can easily maneuver it around our apartment and it is big so he can grasp it easy. The Vilac race car is a perfect special gift for your kid and their friends.

What is your toddlers current favorite toy? Did you make this toy purchase or was it a gift?