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Last weekend my husband and I left our son for the first time. Yes, my husband travels for work, and I have had two girls’ weekends away but this was the first time that we were both away from H for an extended time. So, where does a couple with a 22 month old go for an mini escape? Paris!

We have been to Paris many times before and food is always one of our top priorities. We try to do some touristy things each time, (I will write about them in a later post) but this post is all about the best meals we had on this 96 hour Paris trip.

On our first day we had lunch at L’Arpege, Alain Passard’s vegetable focused restaurant. This is classic French cooking using modern techniques and the freshest ingredients. What is amazing about the food is that such simple vegetable preparations can taste so complex. After eight courses plus additional tastes throughout, we were full and ready to walk through Paris.


When in Paris make sure to sit outside at any corner bistro/cafe have a caffeinated drink, beer, or wine, and people watch. It does not matter the location, just take the time to sit down and enjoy the buzz of Paris.20120815-144855.jpg

If you want dinner at La Comptoir du Relais you need to make a reservation six or seven months in advance, so if you are not a planner or travel on the whim (like my husband and I) you can queue up a bit before noon for the no reservations lunch menu. The tables turn fast so the wait is not long (not typical for Paris). Yves Camdeborde creates a very hearty French menu, and we had eaten at his previous restaurant, La Régalade, a few years back on Thanksgiving. Make sure you’re hungry because they don’t hold back on portions, but it is all cooked so perfectly. Great “Brooklyn-in-Paris” take on bistro cuisine. 20120815-144722.jpg

Sundays in Paris are dead! Most shops and restaurants are closed, but if you are looking for a great place, for dinner that is actually open and right on the left bank near Notre Dame, try La Rotisserie du Beaujolais. It’s pretty simple – they have a giant rotisserie oven in the dining room and roast chicken and grill steaks right in front of you. Quite simple but a very good option for Sunday night. It’s a neighborhood place and they are very friendly. It was a great place for our final meal in Paris (for this trip).Have you been to Paris? What is your favorite dish or meal there? We are always looking for tips for our next trip!