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My sister and I have been on this journey with Jenny Craig together for over two weeks now. It is not an easy journey but having each other as a support system is the best way to go. We each started with different weight-loss goals but in the end we both just want to start maintaining a healthier lifestyle by eating more thoughtfully and exercising more each week.

On my first visit to the Jenny Craig office in New York City I thought I only had about 10 pounds to loose to be at my “happy weight” however it was more like 17 pounds. So I guess this journey might take me a bit longer than I initially thought but I am up for the challenge!

Jenny Craig Cinnamon French Toast Breakfast

The Jenny-Set-Go program is really easy to do and follow, you get to eat three small meals and three snacks everyday and besides salads, vegetables and fruit all the other meal elements are provided by Jenny Craig. Most days I feel like I am eating more than I normally do so I am not having hunger pains.

Jenny Craig Turkey Burger Sandwich Lunch

I am not a picky eater so I have been sticking to the weekly set menus provided by Jenny Craig but if you are a picky eater you can work with your consultant and personalize your weekly Jenny-Set-Go menu. In my two weeks I have only had two meals that I did not care for so I just filled up on more vegetables and salad on those days.

Jenny Craig Salisbury Steak Dinner

I know the Jenny-Set-Go program is more expensive than what most people would normally spend on food on an average day but the ease of not having to even think or stress about what to shop for and what to eat makes it so worth it in the end. It prices out to about $15-$18 per day depending on food choices but hey, I have lost a total of 4 pounds in two weeks without even having to think just eat!

Read about my sisters journey here and give her some love on her success!

Have you tried Jenny Craig? What is your biggest struggle when taking on a weight-loss program?

My sister and I were each provided a modified Jenny-Set-Go program to help facilitate our reviews from a Jenny Craig American Heat Association Heart Walk.