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My husband travels for work almost every week. So, when he is gone I get a taste of what it is like to be a single parent and it is hard. I am thankful that I don’t have to work a formal 40+ hour a week office job. I get to stay home with H and I enjoy bonding with him, taking him to his weekly music, gym and art classes but it is hard when my Husband is away we miss him!

When my husband is in town we take turns with H and I get to sleep in! My husband try’s to take H to some of his classes and experience what I do on a daily-basis but it is easier with two of us around. The household chores get done (for the most part) but when it is just me, well, some stuff just falls by the wayside and I am ok with that.

H and I have been lucky this past month and my husband has only had to travel a few times and for shorter trips. Because of this we have been able to take a few family trips together to Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas, Nantucket and in a few weeks Paris. However, I know this downtime will pass and he will be back to flying all over the world again.

Even though it is getting harder and harder on H the older he gets we have managed to make this lifestyle work with our daily routines. But it is always nice when my husband comes home.

Does your partner travel for work? How do you help your children deal with the long business trips away?

Photo taken by Jamie O’Neil Photography