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Summer is upon us and so is the summer vacation travel season. We are off to Seattle and California this week! The biggest stress for me is packing, and with crazy high baggage checking fees I am learning better ways to pack a carry on bag and only bring what is necessary to save space. Here is a list of few items that I can’t travel without for myself or my family.

Now that you can’t bring bottles of water through security the Bobble filtered water bottle is a must! You can just fill up the Bobble water bottle from the bathroom sink or drinking fountain and your water is filtered and tastes just like the fancy stuff. the water Bobble was also very handy when I was having to mix baby formula on long flights.

The Simple Sensitive Skin Expert Cleansing Wipes are perfect for travel because you don’t have to worry about carry-on liquid allowances because they are not a liquid! These wipes remove everything (even waterproof mascara), always stay moist and never dry out. The Simple Wipes are also gentle and have no fragrance or harsh chemicals (perfect for sensitive skin).

When traveling or everyday use I am obsessed with dry shampoo and not the expensive salon stuff! I have been using Suave Dry Shampoo, when needing a fast hair freshen up or when I don’t have the time to take a shower (which is almost every other day as a new mom). Yes, it sprays on white but give it some time and once the shampoo absorbs the oils and is brushed through my hair it looks like normal (sometimes better than normal)!

My son is very curious and the first thing I have to do when we are in hotel rooms is to make sure it is baby proofed and using blue painter tape is my little trick! I use the tape to cover electrical outlets, tape back wires, tape closed cabinets or doors. I just keep a roll in my suitcase so it is never forgotten.

Snacks, snack, snacks! This is very important when traveling with a toddler so I make sure to pack baby food pouches such as Ella’s Kitchen and teething biscuits. The food pouches are great because I don’t need to carry cutlery and the packaging is deposable when finished. I try to pack one pouch for every three hours of transit time plus one extra for unforeseen delays. The Earths Best Teething Biscuits make my sons tears go away (don’t tell him they are not cookies) he can chomp on one for almost five minutes which is necessary for traveling!

I also think it is very important to travel with a great umbrella stroller! One that is lightweight, easy to fold and small enough to fit into the trunk of an economy sized rental car. I am currently using the Maclaren Volo stroller and love how it is very distinguishable from all the other strollers at gate-check.

Some additional travel must haves for the family this summer especially if you have kids that I have written about in the past are the Patemm Pad, the Melissa Doug Trunki and Mula stack & nest cups from IKEA.

What are your travel must haves or tips for traveling with kids?

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