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A few weeks ago I attended the Mommybites Summit where Gretchen Rubin spoke about her recent New York Times Bestseller book The Happiness Project. One rainy afternoon (on a city bus) she had a revelation that “The Days are long. but the years are short,” and she though that the “Time is passing, and I’m not focusing enough on the things that really matter.” Gretchen at that point decided to start a year long happiness project and her book chronicles her adventure. Gretchen is a mother of two and as a new first time mom it was very refreshing to hear her speak about her movement towards happiness. She gave the attendees a list of five things to work on everyday and I hope these ideas can also help you start on your own path of happiness.

  • Sleep- Is very important and we need 7.5 hours or more of sleep every night. Try to recognize a bedtime to help establish a routine.
  • Exercise- Be active even if it is for 15 minutes everyday. Exercise does not drain your energy but it actually gives you energy. So, just get up and jump up and down (right now).
  • Clutter- By getting control of the stuff in your life can help you get control of your own life. Have a one minute clean rule…if it can be cleaned up in one minute then just do it and don’t put it off. Get rid of everything you don’t want or need and make your bed everyday.
  • Bad vs Good- Bad is always stronger than good and sticks around longer so an easy fix is to overlook minor pains and focus on more positive aspects of life.
  • Body Image- Your physical appearance has a large influence over your emotional experience so instead focus on smells to get a quick fix of pleasure without the guilt of eating lets say a cookie.

Gretchen also recommends keeping a one sentence journal. Instead I am doing a daily Instagram photo to help keep the everyday memories alive. Inspired by my own sister Jen, and her fashion blog Dancing in Carseats I created my first inspiration collage around the theme of summertime reading and The Happiness Project! Oh and I have an extra copy of the book so let me know why you might need some happiness in your life and I will send the extra copy out to you (if multiple people need happiness then I will have random.org pick or just start up a book exchange).

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