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Living in New York City I rarely make it to Times Square and to be honest I try to avoid it like the plague (even though we live 20 blocks away)! Prior to last week Baby H had only been through Times Square once so I was excited (and nervous) for us to experience Times Square like the real tourists do. After making our way through the New York City Subway maze with a stroller we emerged to street street level in Times Square and Baby H’s face immediately lit up (or was that just all the lights on his face?) Either way we had made it and the Hershey’s Times Square store was our destination.

The Hershey’s Times Square store moved to the Times Square location 10 years ago and we were excited to get to experience all that the store had to offer. When you first walk into the Hershey’s store besides the great smell of chocolate you are greeted by the “Taste Hershey’s Happiness” station where you get to sample two different chocolates (FREE Chocolate)!

After you have tasted some chocolate you get to participate in creating and designing your own chocolate bar at the “Wrap Hershey’s Happiness” station they have tons of pre-designed wrappers such as New York City landmarks (great souvenir items), Sessional designs (perfect for gifts) and my favorite wrap of them all is the custom wrap.

The custom wrap lets you take a photo and put a personal greeting on the chocolate bar and the best part about about the custom wrap experience is you can then have your photo and message placed on the huge Hershey’s billboard right in Times Square. Such a fun thing to do for locals or tourists on a birthday, anniversary or just because. Check out our photo on the custom Hershey’s bar and our faces on the Hershey’s billboard in Times Square!

The final experience we participated in at the Hershey’s Time Square store was the “Mix Your Favorites” station. The hardest thing was to pick out my favorite Hershey’s Miniatures but once I decided I wanted to sample everything they had on offer we got to push the button and watch the chocolate magically appear from above and spin down the slides into the bucket (the bucket was so overflowing the lid barley fit)!

Baby H and I had a blast and we have so much chocolate in the Strange Household right now! If you are a local or a tourist and love chocolate then make sure to stop by the Hershey’s Time Square store and experience the chocolate factory for yourself.

I was invited by Hershey’s Chocolate World Times Square to experience the store and provided with tons of chocolates to take home.