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You either love beets or hate them and I am one of those that hate them. I know all the benefits of beets, they have folate (when I was pregnant I took a folate supplement) betaine (used as an anti-inflammatory) beets are also said to fight cancer and so much more. So when looking for things to feed Baby H I really wanted to incorporate beets into his diet.

Once or twice a week I make this for him and he loves it!

Blueberry, Banana and Beet Waffles

One handful of blueberries
Half a banana
One pre-cooked beet (If you don’t want to cook your own beets you can buy pre-cooked beets at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s)
One waffle (I use blueberry but whatever you have works)

Put waffle into toaster
Blend together blueberries, banana and beet (I use a hand mixer)
Spread mixture onto waffle (I feed Baby H any leftover spread or just eat it myself)

Here is a video of Baby H eating my lovely creation.

Beware it can be messy and stain but oh so good!