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Totsy is an online store geared mostly towards moms with children 7 and under that features a few different highly discounted sales a day, on boutique and brand name clothing, toys, home wears, maternity items and more. Totsy recently unveiled its annual Moms Shopping Trends Report last Thursday over breakfast at the Scholastic “Greenhouse” in Manhattan.

Here are a few highlight from the presentation, some were duh and others were ah-ha.


  • New moms especially first time moms spend less on beauty products. True for me last time I bought make-up was over 18months ago!
  • When first time moms decide to spend money on beauty it is for hair care. I always think if my hair looks good the rest will fall into place.
  • Moms spend less on cosmetics when they age but put their money into perfume and teeth whitening. Interesting!
  • Word of mouth is the most trusted resource for making beauty decisions, where celebrity endorsements were shown to be the least influential! We need more real life moms out there to represent products then.

Home and Furnishing

  • Moms (or influenced by dads) spend the most money on home entertainment.
  • The least amount of money is spent on home furnishings (probably because kids are messy).
  • The kitchen gets the most love!
  • Moms also spend more time in the yard or garden when they get older. This is true for my mom but (?) not for me, every plant I have ever had has died!
  • When buying a home neighborhood and price is the most important where school district ranked the lowest.

Education and Development

  • Moms covet reading and comprehension as the most important skill for their children, and the past trends of multilingual education has now fallen into the lowest priority below athletic skills.
  • 89% of moms said newborn to 5 years were the most important years to foster a child’s development, with ages 3 to 5 being ranked as the highest priority. Do parents with older kids agree with this? Or do you think the teen years are more important?

Media and Marketing

  • 40% of moms are most impacted by word of mouth marketing and social media ranked at a measly 7% (I think social media is word of mouth so lets just say 47%)!
  • When marketing towards moms they want companies to reflect her love for her family, then how to stretch the household budget (things like Totsy), and lastly the need for time-saving tools.Yes, Yes, Yes!
  • Social media product reviews are very important when making purchasing decisions.

Shopping When Expecting

  • Expectant mothers spend the most money in the shortest amount of time in their life (once engaged and wedding planning is a close tie).
  • Friends and family (especially those who have recently had children) are the best “guides” for know what to buy.
  • Carseat are the most stressful purchases (safety and price).
  • Moms want gift certificates as baby shower gifts! No teething rings, pacifiers, sleep-time accessories or nursery decor!! (should I write this in all Capps)?
  • Baby food makers are becoming very popular with the younger mothers.

Overall Spending Habits

  • The economic downturn has had lasting effects on the way moms shop. That is probably why so many deal sites have popped up in the past 4 years.
  • Moms are using more coupons and cutting back on overall spending and buying less.
  • Moms are spending less on Travel, entertainment, and beauty.
  •  Even though the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year the most money is spent during that occasion, followed by family birthdays and back-to-school.
  • Price, quality and convenience are the most significant purchasing decision factors.
  • Moms make “feel good” purchases a few times a year (even in a bad economy) and clothing is what makes moms “feel good”.

These findings provide a great insight into the minds of moms and their shopping trends, thanks to Totsy and BSM Media for including me at this informative event.