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Before I go to a show (which is a rarity as a new mom) I always check out the reviews on the play so I know what I am getting myself into and if it is worth the cost of a night out plus paying for at home childcare ($$$). So when I received and invite from Playtime! and MamaDrama to see the new show The Big Meal at Playwright Horizons I was ecstatic to learn that Childcare was available during the show for an additional $15 per kid! Yes, only $15 per kid (that price totally makes the cost of going to a show that much easier).

Currently Playtime! is available at selected shows at Playwright Horizons and Signature Theatre Company with additional childcare offerings for Love, Loss, and What I Wore and Rated P for ParenthoodThe best part is while you are out enjoying an adult like experience at a show your kid is enjoying their own artistic fun age appropriate experience with the lovely sitters at Playtime!. The week we saw The Big Meal the kids at Playtime! were learning about the featured artist Keith Haring. The kids were making hats using the techniques from Keith Haring’s art then learning interpretive dance and songs (I almost wanted to miss the show to hang out there). Every kid seemed to be enjoying themselves and not one tear in sight plus if your kid need special parental attention during the show you are just a few floors away (not across town or a train ride away). Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Playtime! the only hope is that it will spread across New York City and be offered at many more theaters in the near future.

However Playtime! was just a side dish to the amazing show The Big Meal. Even though I knew the childcare costs were not going to break the bank for this show I still read reviews before going (old habit I guess). I was a bit worked that I might be lost or confused at the fast paced show were each actor plays multiple characters throughout the generations of the family in the show. However that was not the case and different items and props such as a watch or locket were helpful in keeping track of who is who throughout the years of this family. Like all families and the family in The Big Meal everything is not perfect they experience good times, loss, illness, success, temptations, death and many of these events and conversations happen around the dinner table. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions watching The Big Meal and could totally parallel my life and experiences with the different characters in this family. I Highly recommend watching The Big Meal before its final serving on April 29th at Playwrights Horizons and with the Childcare offerings of Playtime! their is really no excuse not to go.

*I was not paid for this post just provided tickets for the show and Playtime! through MamaDrama NYC*