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Star Wars is big in our household! We hung framed photos of Star Wars Lego figures above Baby H’s crib before he was born, Baby H and my husband wore identical Star Wars shirts when we visited Legoloand “Star Wars Days” last year and one of Baby H’s first words were D2 and Darth when he plays with his Star Wars bath play set.

Now that Baby H is 17 months old and has over 17 teeth we need to be more diligent with his dental heath and these cool new Star Wars toothbrushes from GUM are great to help making this daily (oh wait, twice daily) chore more fun!

Bellamy Blue Photography

Last week at the Momtrends G.U.M Star Wars™Toothbrush Launch Party I learned tons of facts about establishing early children’s dental health and the major one that stuck in my head was:

  • The first dental visit should occur by age one! First birthday, first tooth, first dental visit (Yeah we need to get on that pronto!)

Other facts are:

  • Establish daily routines of brushing, in the morning after breakfast and then again before bed allows the kids to know what is expected of them.
  • Make sure your kid is brushing long enough and properly, at least 60 seconds for the top teeth and 60 seconds for the bottom teeth.
  • Replace toothbrushes every three months or once bristles fray.
  • Flossing habits should be started early and using flossers can make this task easier!
  • Avoid stick foods such as fruit roll-up’s because the sugar from them devolves to acid which leads to rotting the teeth and future cavities.

The new GUM Star Wars toothbrushes come in three different types of brushes:

1. Light-up Lightsaber Toothbrush (my favorite) batteries included in either Yoda- green, Darth Vader- red or Anikin Skywalker- blue. SRP: $3.49

Bellamy Blue Photography

2. Manual Toothbrush Twinpack (batterie free) in Darth Vader, Anikin Skywalker, Yoda and Clone Captain Rex. SRP: $2.99

3. Power Toothbrush (batteries included) is available in two characters Darth Vader and Clone Captain Rex. SRP: $5.99

Bellamy Blue Photography

These fun shaped Star Wars characters, or light-up lightsabers could be exactly what it takes to get your kid to brush their teeth like a Jedi. My only request is to make an adult version for my husband!

G.U.M  brands toothbrushes are available at most major retailers.

I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a giftbag which contained samples of each GUM toothbrush for review purposes.