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Melissa & Doug creates playful and imaginative toys for babies 6 months to 10 years old, ranging from wooden puzzles, blocks, play food, magnetic activities, and so much more. Started 23 years ago (in a garage), then girlfriend and boyfriend Melissa and a Doug had a desire to make a difference for children and caregivers by creating toys using classic play patterns that did not use technology to entertain. Kids use their imagination when playing with Melissa & Doug’s open-ended style toys. Now married and six children later, they have a successful business and, even though generation shifts cause what is known as “traditional” to change, Melissa & Doug are standing strong in keeping their company toy designs the same.

My son has numerous Melissa & Doug toys, and lately I started noticing they are they only toys (besides books) that he chooses to play with.

He has a Trunki which is a suitcase and a ride-on toy all in one and it is perfect for traveling because it holds and organizes all the other toys that we need to bring on our trips. Then, when trying to get through the airport he can ride on the suitcase and be totally entertained by the ride!

We own two Melissa & Doug magnetic hide and seek boards: one is a farmhouse with different farm animals located behind each hinged door, and the other one has nine hinged doors which have the likeness of an object that holds things. The best thing is the pieces are magnetic so if the puzzle gets knocked over, or kicked, or thrown or…they don’t fall out and make a mess.

My son can easily play with the Melissa & Doug jumbo knob wooden farm puzzle because the large knobs are so easy for his little hands to hold. The pieces are large and durable and easy to decipher the different farm animals. Oh, and this past week he was able to do the whole puzzle all by himself (proud Mama here)!

The Melissa & Doug musical instrument sound puzzle is not as easy to play with, does not sound like the instruments, and the Old McDonald song playing over and over again is a bit annoying to me. It also randomly plays late in the night when not being touched and scares me to death (boo). But, my son loves this puzzle especially the guitar piece, or “tar” as he calls it, and pretends to be a maestro when the music plays.

We do not own these last two items, but I think they are extremely cute. The Melissa & Doug wooden sushi comes with shrimp, tuna, salmon roe, and egg pieces, as well as proper sushi condiments ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. The chopsticks have Velcro to help hold the pieces together, too. A perfect gift for when my son turns 2 (hint, hint). The Melissa & Doug shopping cart is made of sturdy metal (not wood) and has pivoting front wheels and a folding seat. It is just like the real thing but a mini version. I think both these toys are perfect for pretend food play and great for imagination.

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I was invited by Momtrends to learn all about these great Melissa & Doug toys and received a Trunki for attending the event!